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November 2011

The AIDS Generation

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30 Years into the AIDS Epidemic, I’m taking a moment to remember how things have changed. I’m a member of Generation X. I always thought that was kind of cool sounding, but like the Baby Boomers before me, and the Generation Ys and Zs that follow, we carry distinct yet overlapping burdens. I went to art school. It was what we did. We wore Converse All-Stars, rode skateboards, and then got scholarships to go be the next great American painter, writer, musician etc. It was the height of Post Modernism, so there was plenty of pretense around. What was also 
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30 Years of Facing AIDS

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In honor of World AIDS Day on December 1, 2011, asked people how they’re facing AIDS. As the largest outpatient HIV care provider in New England, Fenway Health’s staff face AIDS in a variety of ways. Our staff posed for photos to share how they are facing AIDS through their work at Fenway and personal lives. [slickr-flickr use_key=”y” search=”sets” set=”72157628111492117″ captions=”on” flickr_link=”off” descriptions=”off” size=”medium”] As an organization, Fenway Health has been facing AIDS since the very beginning of the epidemic. In 1980, our own Dr. Kenneth Mayer volunteered his time to begin the Center’s earliest infectious disease research. In 
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Making Lives Healthier, November 2011

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Making Lives Healthier is the Fenway Institute’s quarterly report on the innovative LGBT health and HIV/AIDS research, training, education, and advocacy being done by institute staff—giving you an inside look at the issues impacting your health and your community. Here are the featured stories from this quarter’s issue. Research and Evaluation Lori Panther, MD Microbicide Trials Network study 013, “Phase 1 Safety and Pharmacokinetics of Dapivirine/Maraviroc Vaginal Ring” The Fenway Institute has started recruitment for Microbicide Trials Network (MTN) study 013 (MTN-013/IPM 026, “Phase 1 Safety and Pharmacokinetics of Dapivirine/Maraviroc Vaginal Ring”). This study will test the safety and acceptability 
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Transgender Awareness Week: Transgender Rights and Transgender Lives

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Wednesday November 16, the Massachusetts Senate passed the Transgender Rights Bill. The vote, timed appropriately during Transgender Awareness Week, is an important step towards offering the transgender members of our community equal standing under the law and protection from violence and discrimination. This legislative victory isn’t the result of one week of awareness, though—it is the result of years of hard work by organizations like the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition—and the journey towards full legal and social equality for the transgender community is far from finished. While the debate over transgender equality is often framed in sensational and misleading ways, 
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Transgender Awareness Week: Why it matters and what you can do

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The third week of November has become one of the most special weeks in my life in recent years. It’s not because it’s shortly after my birthday or right before Thanksgiving—or because I really love hot apple cider and scarf season. Within the past few years, this week has come to signify Transgender Awareness Week. Transgender Awareness Week There are so many events happening for Transgender Awareness Week, and I urge you to attend as many as you can. Last night, a fabulous trans organization, TransCEND held a movie screening for the incredibly moving film Cruel and Unusual; and today 
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