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December 21, 2011

Health Care and Human Rights for LGBT People: A Critical Focus for Our Work

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Before his untimely death, Jonathan Mann, founder of the UN AIDS program, educated us on the strong link between the concepts of health and human rights. Mann demonstrated how stigma and discrimination are deeply connected to limitations and barriers to sensitive, humane care. In his book Health and Human Rights: A Reader, Mann explains that “Discrimination against ethnic, religious, and racial minorities, as well as on account of gender, political opinion, or immigration status, compromises or threatens the health and well-being and, all too often, the very lives of millions. In its most extreme forms, prejudice or the devaluation of 
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Happy and Healthy Holidays from Fenway

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With 2011 drawing to a close, Fenway would like to wish you all a happy and health holiday season. This year has been filled with milestones, including progress in LGBT health, advances in HIV research, and many changes for Fenway as an organization. In the December issue of the Fenway Focus e-newsletter, our President and CEO Dr. Stephen Boswell looks back at some of the biggest accomplishments for our organization and our community in 2011. Join us for the T-Social Holiday Party on December 22 at Club Cafe We hope you’ll join us on Thursday, December 22 for the T-Social 
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