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January 2012

Fenway at First Event 2012: Transgender Public Health Programming, Practice, and Research

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Bianca Aponte (Research Associate on the LifeSkills team) and Ruben Hopwood (Coordinator of the Trans Health Program). Fenway Health was well-represented at this year’s First Event (January 18-22, 2012), an annual transgender conference produced by the Tiffany Club of New England ( and attended by over 600 people. More than 10 Fenway Health staff members made the trip to Peabody, MA to attend workshops and network with pride with the transgender community—Fenway’s biggest showing ever. Fenway Health sponsored a table hosted by Ruben Hopwood, Coordinator of the Transgender Health Program, and staffed by other members of the Fenway community including 
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Cover Your Butt with Gardasil

Young, HIV-Postive MSM: Cover Your Butt Against HPV

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that gay and bisexual men (men who have sex with other men) are about 17 times more likely to develop anal cancer than men who only have sex with women. This could affect some men who perform professionally for adult content creators such as hdpornvideo, though they are known for being as careful as possible HIV-positive males who have sex with males are at increased risk of developing anal cancer and/or genital warts compared to the general population. However, those who receive the Gardasil vaccine could be protected. The Gardasil vaccine 
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Primary Care Providers Decoded: Who is best suited for your healthcare needs?

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Choosing a provider to whom you can entrust your care can be difficult to the point of being overwhelming. There are so many factors to consider: Who accepts my health insurance? Which providers are accepting new patients? Can I find a provider with specific expertise in managing my chronic health issues? Will I be able to find someone who meets my gender preference and speaks my native language? Who can I trust to be sensitive to my sexual and gender identity? To make matters more complicated, there are different types of primary care providers to choose from: MD, DO, NP, 
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Fenway Health Launches Haviland Society to Recognize Long-Term Regular Donors

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Fenway Health has launched a new donor recognition program, called The Haviland Society, to recognize and to honor Fenway’s most crucial donors, those who consistently give to the organization’s Annual Fund year after year.  The Haviland Society is structured in three tiers: Supporters (three consecutive years of giving); Sustainers (five years of giving); Visionaries (those who have supported Fenway Health for ten or more years). Former Board member and longtime friend of Fenway Arnold Sapenter is Honorary Chair of The Haviland Society.  The Society’s inaugural class will include around 350 members who will receive a special gift in recognition of 
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Women’s Health Team increases patient access to contraception

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2011 was full of ups and downs for women’s health—contraception in particular. Last year, we saw the Affordable Care Act ensure insurance coverage for vital preventive care for women, including contraception, without charge. We also saw intense political objection to this and other women’s health issues (Planned Parenthood, anyone?) which promise to lead to Supreme Court hearings that will be intensely followed by the Fenway Women’s Health Team. We hope that 2012 will bring huge victories in women’s health. To get things started here at home, Fenway is kicking the year off with increased access to contraception for our patients. 
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