Possible HIV Exposure? It may be time to “Talk PEP”

By June 3, 2013HIV/AIDS, Video

After possible exposure to HIV, taking medication used to treat HIV may help reduce your chances of becoming HIV-positive—a process called Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP). Like Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), PEP could be an important tool to help stop the spread of HIV from things like unprotected sex, condom slips and breaks, shared needles, and sexual assault.

Yet, only one in four gay and bisexual men in Boston have heard about PEP. And in a study conducted at Fenway Health, only 3% of gay and bisexual men surveyed reported having used PEP after a past high-risk HIV exposure.

Fenway Health is out to change that with the Talk PEP campaign, which is raising awareness of PEP and encouraging people to “talk PEP” with their social networks, partners, and providers.

TalkPEP.org educates visitors with a short animated introduction to PEP, resource list, and educational PEP materials that are free to download and distribute.

By sharing this campaign, visitors can help spread the word about PEP and get people talking about what HIV prevention methods are right for them.



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