Participants and instructors from the 2014 Summer Institute

Boston is the site of the 2014 Summer Institute in LGBT Population Health, held from July 14 through August 8.  Sponsored by The Fenway Institute of Fenway Health and the Institute for Urban Health Research at Northeastern University, this intensive four week training program has drawn 18 participants from local Boston and across the country.  The trainees have come together to learn how best to research and improve the health of sexual and gender minority populations.  The program includes a seminar on LGBT health and social life, short courses in quantitative analysis, and a data lab.  Each participant will complete an individual quantitative analysis project on an LGBT health topic of interest, using population-based data.

Participants are Masters, doctoral, and post-doctoral trainees.  They include: James Arnett, PhD student in Counseling Psychology, University of Tennessee-Knoxville; Johnny Berona, PhD student in Clinical Psychology, University of Michigan; Daniel Birichi, PhD student in Counseling Psychology, University of Miami; Jordon Bosse, PhD student in Nursing, University of Massachusetts-Amherst; Justin T. Brown, PhD student in Critical Social-Personality Psychology, The Graduate School & University Center – City University of New York; Siu Kwan “Eddie” Chong, PhD student in Counseling Psychology, University of Maryland; Taylor Cruz, PhD student in Sociology, University of California-San Francisco; Charlie Damo, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Hawaii Cancer Center; Jennifer Glick, PhD student in Public Health, Tulane University; Shoshana Goldberg, PhD student in Public Health & Epidemiology, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Cara Herbitter, PhD student in Clinical Psychology, University of Massachusetts-Boston; Kristie Lipford, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Tougaloo College; Mollie McQuillan, PhD student in Human Development & Social Policy, Northwestern University; Kasim Ortiz, PhD student in Sociology, Vanderbilt University; Basia Pakula, PhD student in the School of Population & Public Health, University of British Columbia; Amanda Pollitt, PhD student in Family Studies & Human Development, University of Arizona; Tangela Roberts, PhD student in Counseling Psychology, University of Massachusetts-Boston; and Tyler Tulloch, PhD in Clinical Psychology, Ryerson University.

The Summer Institute in LGBT Population Health instructors are Judith Bradford, Kerith Conron, and Allegra Gordon (of Fenway Health), Katherine Masyn (of the Harvard Graduate School of Education), Amanda Fairchild (of the University of South Carolina Department of Psychology) and Tenko Raykov (Professor of Measurement and Quantitative Methods at Michigan State University).  The Program is funded by a grant from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development of the National Institutes of Health.

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