HIV Vaccine Awareness Day Celebrates Preventive Breakthroughs

In the three decades since the HIV/AIDS virus was first identified, there has been some truly miraculous progress in how the disease can be managed and prevented – but there is still much work to be done. On May 18, these medical advances and life-saving breakthroughs will be celebrated for National HIV Vaccine Awareness Day (NHVAD).

NHVAD is an opportunity to honor the health professionals, scientists, community advocates, and volunteers who have and continue to work toward the goal of an effective and safe preventive HIV vaccine. In addition, NHVAD is a great educational opportunity for spreading awareness of the preventative measures available today and the critical importance of funding HIV/AIDS research.



There are many ways that you can get involved on NHVAD and spread the word about the need for preventative HIV vaccines:

  • Post on social media about how and why you’re observing NHVAD, using the official hashtag #HVAD.
  • Familiarize yourself with vaccines – how they work, what they do – and the challenges of creating an HIV vaccine.
  • Locate your nearest HIV testing centers, like Fenway Health. Get tested and encourage others to get tested.
  • Volunteer in HIV vaccine research studies. The Fenway Institute is involved in many HIV/AIDS studies; call us at 617.927.6450 to learn about our current research.
  • Read up on the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, which is the first-ever comprehensive coordinated HIV/AIDS roadmap for the U.S.

What will Fenway Health be doing on May 18? We’ll be continuing our 30+ years of commitment to providing quality and compassionate HIV/AIDS care, educating the public about the facts of HIV/AIDS, and being a proud leader in the search for a preventative HIV vaccine.

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