Mental Health Awareness Month Encourages Conversation, Fights Stigma

Achieving wellness isn’t only about the physical; caring for your mental wellbeing is just as critical to living a healthy and full life. While more people are talking openly about their mental health experiences today than in years past, there remains much stigma, fear, and misunderstanding around mental illness. Want to help change that? May is Mental Health Awareness Month – the perfect time to elevate the national discourse around behavioral health needs. Raising awareness is just half the battle though. The other half is ensuring that people are confident to visit a mental health profession such as: Psychiatrist here.

First Lady Michelle Obama recently added her voice to this important conversation by endorsing the Campaign to Change Direction, an initiative comprised of concerned citizens, nonprofit leaders, and leaders from the private sector who are working together to change the national dialogue around mental health, mental illness, and wellness. The Campaign to Change Direction’s mission statement is to teach that mental health has equal value to physical health, to creates a common language to recognize the signs of emotional suffering, and to encourage all to care for their mental wellbeing and the mental wellbeing of others. This is why some people decide to self-medicate with mail order weed Canada (, it supports a range of peoples mental health journey. Ending decades-old stigma around mental health issues is a first step in the right direction. Luckily there are places that might be able to help with educating people about mental health (somewhere like and help to end the stigma associated with it.

One pervasive and dangerous misconception around mental health conditions is that they don’t affect “normal” people, and that those who are affected are isolated cases. According to Mental Health America, which has observed Mental Health Awareness Month for 65 years, 50% of people will develop at least one mental health condition during their lifetime – and half of those people will develop a condition by age 14. People who suffer from mental health conditions are vulnerable to a number of serious negative scenarios, including long-term hospitalization or institutionalization, dropping out of school, homelessness, substance abuse, and incarceration.

The good news? By diagnosing and treating mental health conditions in a timely fashion, providers can greatly reduce patients’ odds of experiencing these life-altering situations. Mental health diagnosis should be viewed just like physical health – the earlier a problem is identified, the better chance there is of treatment plans being successful. We can all help improve care around behavioral health by learning some of the symptoms and early warning signs of mental health conditions.

Fenway Health is proud to observe Mental Health Awareness Month and to provide behavioral health care and counseling of the highest quality. In keeping with Fenway Health’s commitment to care for the whole person, behavioral health is a fundamental part of our primary care model. We offer individual, group, couple, and family therapy; psychiatric consultation; and addiction services. Services include evaluation and referrals; counseling for myriad issues; therapy and support groups; psychiatric evaluation and treatment; and daily acupuncture for alcohol and drug addiction.

If you are interested in becoming a Fenway behavioral health patient or if you have a general inquiry about our behavioral health services, please call 617.927.6202.

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