HIV Support Group Partners with Fenway Health

This past October Boston’s longest running HIV support group — the Long Term Survivors Support Group (LTSSG) — partnered with Fenway Health to sustain its 20-year mission of providing a safe, peer-led environment for gay and bisexual men facing the ongoing challenges of living with HIV.

Since 1995, LTSSG “has been there during some of the hardest times of my life,” says one member. Another commented, “Nowhere else have I found such an empowering forum of peers to share with and learn from.”

Emphasizing prevention and harm reduction, LTSSG participants benefit from emotional support as they share strategies and personal struggles, and celebrate their successes in coping with HIV. In addition, the group promotes self-determination across various domains such as referrals to outside services, advocacy and outreach.

The LTSSG group currently has 14 committed members have been HIV positive from 10 to over 30 years, with the majority receiving their HIV diagnosis prior to the advent of highly active antiretroviral therapy. Topics for each meeting, such as aging with HIV, emerge from the current interests of members. On months that contain a fifth Tuesday, the group plans social events and educational programs. Originally sponsored by AIDS Action Committee, LTSSG has benefited from the sponsorship of various organizations over its 20-year history and for periods of time was fully self-sufficient.

LTSSG welcomes diversity and currently seeks new members.  Meetings occur on the first and third Tuesday evenings of each month in the Copley Square area. There is no charge to participate. For more information contact Ethan at

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