14 Great Reasons to Love Harbor to the Bay

It’s that time of the year again: the 14th annual Harbor to the Bay (H2B) charity bike ride is almost upon us! In support and encouragement of Fenway Health’s riders and crew, here are 14 reasons why H2B is a fantastic event.

1.) 100% of proceeds go to charity. In non-mathematical terms…that’s all of it.

2.) H2B has raised over $4 million since its launch in 2003. That money has helped support four local HIV/AIDS organizations, including Fenway Health!

3.) H2B riders cover some serious distance. Participants can opt for a 68 mile or a 126 mile bike ride between Boston to Provincetown. Your morning commute doesn’t seem so tough by comparison, does it?

4.) Each H2B rider is committed to raising a minimum of $1,000, so every person has an important part to play.

5.) In fact, YOU can play an important role by signing up to ride or crew, or by making a donation here to support the team!

6.) H2B has some amazing local sponsors!

7.) The Tye family. Michael Tye, who died in 2003 at the age of 49, created, organized, and named H2B. Since then, the Tye family has been instrumental in ensuring that H2B has the money and resources needed to continue his legacy.

8.) Team Fenway has three great Team Captains – Jane Powers, David Dalrymple, and Tim Fitzgerald!

9.) Team YLC (Fenway’s Young Leaders Council) also has three great Team Captains – Joblin Younger, Jake Mathews, and Katelyn Dolan!

10.) Both Team Fenway and Team YLC are raising money on behalf of Fenway Health!

11.) The ride promotes exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Many riders started biking for the first time because of H2B and have since fallen in love with the two-wheeled life.

12.) H2B riders are supported. There are fully-stocked/staffed pit stops every 15 miles plus breakfast, lunch and post-ride dinner. There are also training rides throughout the summer.

13.) When you sign up to ride or crew for Fenway Health, you’ll get a very swanky and exclusive Team Fenway t-shirt. Seriously, they are so stylish!

14.) Last but not least, the finish line. What’s better than finishing a 126 mile journey? How about finishing it with this view to greet you?

See you in Ptown!

See you in Ptown!

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