Harbor to the Bay 2016 Raised More Than $283K For Fenway Health

Harbor to the Bay (H2B) President and Club Cafe owner James Morgrage visited Fenway Health this week to present a check for this year’s H2B funds raised from this year’s ride. Team Fenway and Team YLC raised over $283,000 for September’s 14th Annual H2B Ride, which was the second most financially successful H2B ride ever! All the funds raised by Team Fenway and Team YLC will go towards supporting the lifesaving programs and services of Fenway Health.

We’d like to offer a heartfelt thank you to everyone who biked, crewed, and donated this year. Their dedication to the cause of fighting HIV/AIDS is truly extraordinary! Please join us in congratulating the following riders and crew members:

Max Katz Christy
Richard Blank
Dan Sammon
Clare E. Reilly
Kevin Cherry
Jack Brent
Jackie Gronau
Edward F. Kammerer
Jeff Kimball
Jane Powers (Team Fenway Captain)
Joblin C. Younger (Team YLC Captain)
Theodore A. Peck
Timothy J. Fitzgerald (Team Fenway Captain)
Bryan Wilson
Kendra E. Moore
Mark Vogel
Jeffrey D. Pike
Philip Finch
Susan Ryan-Vollmar
Richard Osgood
Robb W. Johnson
Dana Pardee
Patrick Leroy
Brendan Parker
Melissa Savage
Roberta L. Orlandino
Roland Merchant
Susan Sommer
Tina Rose
Lucio Felicio
Elizabeth Gruber
Paul O. Miller
Catherine Cappelli
Matthew R. Cotty
Mitchell Bilczewski
Abdel Sepulveda
Sarah Madey
Patrick Kearns
Amanda Annis
Audrea Laffely
Mara Blesoff
Lauren Doty
Nicholas Hoover
Roberta Ellison-Cameron
Evan Soken
Casey Brown
Jacob Mathews (Team YLC Captain)
Quincy Elias
Jay LaMotte
Clint M. Attebery
Greg Mercer
Marcus W. Hamblin
Nathan Tavares
Katelyn Dolan (Team YLC Captain)
Kevin Brown
Todd Mercier
Emma Lennon
Julianne Aiello
Matt Mattozzi
Michael Dawe
Peter T. Gorman
Annie Hamilton
Daniel Costa
Eamonn Fanning
Julia Spiegelman
Erina Donnelly
Ian W. Johnson
Steve Martin
Parker Wellington
Russel Hamblin
Will Cribby
Michael C. Wonson
Richard Zabelski
Carl D. Nagy-Koechlin
Philip White
Leah Prestamo
Akhil Ketkar
Ross Cooper
Molly Forbes
Jonathan Vega
Jeffrey Blackwell
Mitchell Thomas
Perri L. Mertens
Jared Weinstein
Robin Smith
Rachel Spekman
Jeff A. Conrad
Sam Peck
Daniel Kinsley
Ric Bussey
Laura O’Neil
Michael Yeh
Amanda Kearns
Colleen Higgins
Timothy B. Harwood
Alper Cesmebasi
Justin Polk
David Dalrymple (Team Fenway Captain)
Roger Bacon
Stacey A. Furtado
Aaron Halleck
Matthew Funke
Dana Lemelin
Tracey Toner
Keith D. Kohl
Gregg M. Snyder
Christopher Roberts

Todd Williams
Richard Herman
Woody Smith
Catherine A. Grossi
Lauren Inker
Dana Lyford
Sean Keough
Niamh Foley
Mary E. Foley
Bruce Lewis
Matthew J. McNeff
David J. Russo
Robert Chase
Erik Adams
Sarah Carroll
Brandon O. Smith
Eric J. Hayduk
Nicholas McRae
Jose Clavel
Sophia Geffen
Michelle King
Henri Langlais
Andrea Nash
Kathleen Bailey
Jennifer Swanson
Ben A. Kudler
John-Paul Bettencourt
Jenn Jones

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