Fenway Health Responds To Immigration Ban

As has been widely reported, President Trump issued an executive order last week restricting entry into the United States for citizens of several Middle Eastern countries on both immigrant visas – permanent residents and green card holders – and non-immigrant visas. Within a couple of days, federal judges blocked parts of the order. The White House later said that green card holders would be exempt from the order. Since then, we continue to hear conflicting reports of who is affected by the order and how to respond to it along with stories of loved ones being kept apart.

The days since the inauguration of the new administration have been troubling to many people in our community and beyond. There are many concerns and unanswered questions. Fenway Health shares your concerns, and we are working with local health care providers and our elected officials to stay on top of things and get as much information as possible. In times of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to come together to lift up the most disenfranchised among us and show that compassion is strength.

Fenway Health, through The Fenway Institute, is proud to partake in research around the world. We have staff from all corners of the globe and patients who call many countries home. We believe that diversity makes us stronger as a community and as a country, and that diversity is a core part of who we are as Americans. Fenway Health stands with any and all members of our community in this important matter.

As always, we are one Fenway family.

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