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National Women’s Health Week: Advocate for your health!

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This week, May 13–19, marks the celebration of the 13th annual National Women’s Health Week. Initially, as I reflected upon the significance of this week, I felt uninspired. I realized I was disheartened and somewhat offended by the simplistic health messaging around National Women’s Health Week. Looking at other Women’s Health Week resources, I found the same general health advice: eat healthy, exercise, seek routine preventive care, avoid unhealthy behaviors, and foster good mental health. Yes, these are all vital to maintaining health, but hasn’t almost everyone heard this advice at least 100 times? And shouldn’t people of all genders 
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Primary Care Providers Decoded: Who is best suited for your healthcare needs?

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Choosing a provider to whom you can entrust your care can be difficult to the point of being overwhelming. There are so many factors to consider: Who accepts my health insurance? Which providers are accepting new patients? Can I find a provider with specific expertise in managing my chronic health issues? Will I be able to find someone who meets my gender preference and speaks my native language? Who can I trust to be sensitive to my sexual and gender identity? To make matters more complicated, there are different types of primary care providers to choose from: MD, DO, NP, 
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Women’s Health: A feminist issue

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Do you believe that people of all sex and gender identities deserve equal rights? If you answered yes, then congratulations, you are a feminist! As a twenty-something woman, I often meet peers who are hesitant to label themselves as feminists. They express their aversion to the label in myriad ways: “I’m not a man-hater.” “I believe in equal rights but I don’t want to give up my femininity.” “We don’t need feminism any more.” These statements demonstrate some of the misconceptions surrounding the term feminist and what’s still at stake for women and gender minorities—misconceptions I believe hinder the progress 
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