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New and expanded services at 16 Haviland Street

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For over forty years Fenway Health has maintained space at 16 Haviland Street.  For a time, 16 Haviland housed our entire health center operation, supporting the needs of people who couldn’t afford competent healthcare, including many gay and bisexual men, lesbian and bisexual women, transgender folks, the elderly and “starving artists” who lived in the Fenway neighborhood. At the advent of AIDS, some Fenway board members, including Larry Kessler, along with supporters like Gail Beverley, started a volunteer-driven hotline to offer support and address the questions and fears the greater Boston community had about HIV/AIDS.  Meanwhile, doctors like Ken Mayer 
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A Gay Man’s Survival Guide During Spring and Summer

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Boston is in the midst of the annual migration of departing students, and the incursion of visitors that come with the warm weather.  Whether returning home for the summer, or part of the legion of fresh minds about graduate and start in on the adventure that is adult life, the population of students temporarily shrinks dramatically.   Here at Fenway: Sixteen, the sound of Berklee music students practicing their art begins to fade and the lines at the burrito shop become tolerable; the neighborhood changes.  Meanwhile people start coming to see our city at its best, and of course our beloved 
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Tool Box

One of our Tools is Missing

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When I’m not at work, I’m often indulging one of my hobbies, building hotrods and customizing motorcycles.  Something about working on machines provides me with an amount of satisfaction I don’t always enjoy in public health.  You see, any machine can be repaired or replaced with a nearly exact copy.  Outcomes with people are more variable.  But, in both cases, I sometimes find myself at a loss for the right tool for the job. In the shop, the tools I most often misplace are the most basic ones.  I can never find a Phillips head screwdriver or a ½ inch 
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DPH HIV stats graphic showing the disproportionate impact of HIV infection on men of color

The Conundrum of Success

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In the last decade, Massachusetts has seen a 50% reduction in new HIV infections.  This is virtually unprecedented.  As we push forward into the next 10 years, we are presented with the very real idea that we could come very close to eliminating new infections in the state. Combining long-proven prevention tools like condoms, risk reduction and needle exchange with new tools like pre-exposure prophylaxis can help us get there, but only if our prevention strategies are coordinated to meet the needs of specific high-risk people in areas that are most affected by the epidemic.  People like gay and bisexual 
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Prevention Update Spring 2013: Teamwork with Our Local and National Partners

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May and June were busy months for Fenway’s HIV Counseling, Testing and Screening program.  Working in conjunction with some of our local and national partners, we participated in several events designed to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and improve access to condoms and HIV testing. Condoms On June 26, Victory Programs and Fenway Health presented Condom Summit 2013: Condoms as Community Care.  The event was in response to a the reprioritization of condom distribution from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) based on the National AIDS Strategy, and a local push from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health 
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