Please remember that the @FenwayHealth Twitter account, Facebook, and blog are not secure means of communication and are maintained by Communications staff and not patient services or medical providers. Feel free to send feedback or general questions to these accounts; but do not send confidential medical or billing information.

For your privacy, Fenway is unable to offer comment or recommendations for individual care. To discuss your care, please use, call and ask to speak to the appropriate staff member, or make an appointment with your provider.

Please remember by posting to the Fenway Health blog or Facebook wall or publicly tweeting @FenwayHealth, you are making information available that may be archived by third parties such as Facebook, Google, and the Library of Congress.

Though Fenway will not disclose or discuss confidential information, we may respond to or retweet public mentions or comments. Please consider this when chosing to self-identify as a patient or comment on services you’ve received at Fenway.

Also, please note that following a user, being followed by a user, or sharing another user’s content does not represent an endorsement by Fenway Health nor does it indicate that that person is a patient, donor, or affiliate of the organization. And—as always—discuss information you read online with your provider before making any medical or mental health decisions.