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YLC Hosts LGBT Film Festival Event

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[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOFTAVaeHWw[/youtube] On Tuesday, May 8, the Young Leaders Council of Fenway Health will be hosting a screening of short films for the 28th Annual Boston LGBT Film Festival. The screening features Lions of New York, a documentary that follows the New York City’s most prominent gay hockey team; Pursuit, a film by Patty Newton that deconstructs the traditional romantic comedy with two female leads; and Au Commencement, a subtitled French animated short about two sperm who happened to be gay. Additionally, the award-winning documentary filmmaker Blair Doroshwalther and producer Giovanna Chesler will present a sneak preview rough-cut of their documentary, 
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Come Out For Health: National LGBT Health Awareness Week

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March 26–30, 2012 is National LGBT Health Awareness Week, highlighting the disparities in access to culturally competent care and positive health outcomes between lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people and their heterosexual counterparts. The health of the LGBT community has long been at the heart of Fenway’s mission; and while we have seen great progress, we still have a long journey to true health equity. LGBT people have unique health and wellness needs and continue to be impacted by health disparities. For instance: Compared to other men, MSM are at increased risk of major depression during adolescence and adulthood, 
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Health Care and Human Rights for LGBT People: A Critical Focus for Our Work

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Before his untimely death, Jonathan Mann, founder of the UN AIDS program, educated us on the strong link between the concepts of health and human rights. Mann demonstrated how stigma and discrimination are deeply connected to limitations and barriers to sensitive, humane care. In his book Health and Human Rights: A Reader, Mann explains that “Discrimination against ethnic, religious, and racial minorities, as well as on account of gender, political opinion, or immigration status, compromises or threatens the health and well-being and, all too often, the very lives of millions. In its most extreme forms, prejudice or the devaluation of 
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Women’s Health: A feminist issue

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Do you believe that people of all sex and gender identities deserve equal rights? If you answered yes, then congratulations, you are a feminist! As a twenty-something woman, I often meet peers who are hesitant to label themselves as feminists. They express their aversion to the label in myriad ways: “I’m not a man-hater.” “I believe in equal rights but I don’t want to give up my femininity.” “We don’t need feminism any more.” These statements demonstrate some of the misconceptions surrounding the term feminist and what’s still at stake for women and gender minorities—misconceptions I believe hinder the progress 
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