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Shirley Royster: AIDS Activist and Survivor

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In 1986, Shirley Royster, then 39-years-old, learned that she had been exposed to the virus that caused AIDS. The news wasn’t a complete surprise to her; she had spent a number of years on the streets struggling with drug addiction. When she learned that her former girlfriend, a woman she shared needles with regularly, had died from AIDS, Shirley knew she needed to get tested. In the early days of the disease, the response was the same everywhere Shirley went; the only information she was given was ‘get your affairs in order.’ Royster heeded that advice and made arrangements for 
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Massachusetts Commission On LGBT Aging Works To Support Our Seniors

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Getting older can be a difficult experience for anyone. For LGBT seniors, the health and financial challenges faced by the average person are often compounded by other hurdles: a shrinking support network, estrangement from family, and fear of being mistreated by prejudiced healthcare providers or social workers. All too often, our elders are left to fend for themselves. In an effort to support this vulnerable population, The Massachusetts Commission on LGBT Aging was created as the first statewide commission in the country focused on meeting the unique needs of LGBT senior citizens. Founded in 2013, the Commission is made up 
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Celebrating a Successful 2015

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As 2015 draws to an unseasonably warm close, we celebrate the end of another busy year at Fenway Health. The hard work and dedication of our staff and supporters has allowed us to make some truly historic accomplishments over the past 12 months. November’s release of the Our Health Matters study brought desperately needed attention to the health and wellness disparities experienced by LGBT youth of color – and helped set a course to end inequality in care for some of our most disenfranchised community members. The LGBT Aging Project continued to be a leader in advocating for LGBT senior 
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Key to Healthy Aging? Noshing and Chatting With Friends

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Today marks the first Blogging for LGBT Elders Day and we couldn’t be happier to participate. While societal acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people has rapidly accelerated in recent years, a lifetime of discrimination, harassment, and rejection takes a toll on a person. If you talk with just about any LGBT person over age 60, you’ll hear stories about how they or their friends were fired from jobs, physically attacked, shunned by parents, condemned by their faith organizations, committed to psychiatric hospitals, or denied assistance from government agencies and other organizations. Perhaps the most important thing we 
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LGBT Aging Commission Report Advocates Policy Reforms For LGBT Seniors

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A new report from the Special Legislative Commission on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Aging recommends a set of large-scale reforms that will improve the lives of Massachusetts’ LGBT senior citizens. The report was released at a State House briefing Thursday, September 17. Speakers in attendance included Senator Pat Jehlen and Representative James O’Day, co-chairs of the Joint Committee on Elder Affairs. “We have long known that LGBT older adults face unique challenges as they age. Few of them have the family connections such as partners or spouses; children; and extended family who can provide the care that much of 
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