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Transgender Day of Remembrance: Remembering Those Lost to Bigotry

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Transgender Awareness Week culminates with the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), which “memorializes trans individuals who have died because of anti-transgender discrimination and victimization.” TDOR is observed worldwide on November 20, with local observances being held then and in the days before. The Transgender Day of Remembrance was founded in 1988 after the brutal murder of Rita Hester in Allston, Massachusetts. Sadly, we continue to lose transgender brothers and sisters to acts of hate and violence. The website for the International Transgender Day of Remembrance memorializes people who died because of anti-transgender violence every year. The list is much too 
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Premiere of Fenway Health’s Contribution to the “I Am: Trans People Speak” Project

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In honor of Transgender Awareness Week,  the LifeSkills project of The Fenway Institute and the Boundless and Living Well series at Fenway Health hosted the debut screening of Fenway’s  I AM: Trans People Speak video Wednesday, November 14 in the auditorium of Fenway’s 1340 Boylston Street home in Boston. Directed and produced by Jesse Begenyi of Anchors Aweigh Media and the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC), the Fenway video is the latest contribution to the national “I AM: Trans People Speak” campaign. The “I AM” project raises awareness about the diversity that exists within transgender communities. It gives a voice 
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Transgender Awareness Week: Understanding Unique Challenges Faced By The Trans Community

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Transgender Awareness Week (TAW) is a series of statewide events and educational opportunities to inform people about the trans community and raise awareness of issues facing trans and gender noncomforming people in Massachusetts. This poster can help you explain Transgender Awareness Week to friends and family. Transgender is an umbrella term for a diverse group of people whose gender identity or expression differs from societal expectations of how they should look, act, or identify based on the sex they were assigned at birth—such as male-to-female (MTF) and female-to-male (FTM) trans people, genderqueer individuals, and many others. Gender identity—a person’s innate 
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Fenway at First Event 2012: Transgender Public Health Programming, Practice, and Research

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Bianca Aponte (Research Associate on the LifeSkills team) and Ruben Hopwood (Coordinator of the Trans Health Program). Fenway Health was well-represented at this year’s First Event (January 18-22, 2012), an annual transgender conference produced by the Tiffany Club of New England (TCNE.org) and attended by over 600 people. More than 10 Fenway Health staff members made the trip to Peabody, MA to attend workshops and network with pride with the transgender community—Fenway’s biggest showing ever. Fenway Health sponsored a table hosted by Ruben Hopwood, Coordinator of the Transgender Health Program, and staffed by other members of the Fenway community including 
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