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Year in Review: The Fenway Community

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As we look forward to what 2013 has in store for the Fenway community, here are 10 stories we’ll remember from 2012. What community news or events will you remember from this past year? Fenway Health built out unused space in our 1340 Boylston Street location. We now occupy 100% of the Ansin Building, which will allow us to offer new and expanded services in the new year—including seeing new dental patients and offering digital imaging services such as mammography! Look back at the construction process. [slickr-flickr use_key=”y” search=”sets” set=”72157632135580811″ captions=”on” flickr_link=”off” descriptions=”off” size=”large”] The International AIDS Conference, AIDS 2012, 
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HPV Vaccine Could Prevent Thousands of Cancers and Genital Warts, Especially for Women and Gay Men

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Human papilloma virus (HPV)—contracted by six million Americans each year, mostly through sexual contact—is preventable through a vaccine now recommended for all females and males age 11 to 26. However, vaccination rates remain low in the U.S., in part because only one-third of doctors prescribe the vaccine to eligible patients, according to an analysis by The Fenway Institute released today. HPV infection can lead to genital warts and certain types of cancer. “HPV vaccine could prevent thousands of cases of cervical cancer, anal cancer, oropharyngeal and other cancers each year,” said Kenneth Mayer, MD, Medical Research Director and Co-Chair of 
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The Fenway Institute at The International AIDS Conference

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Staff from Fenway Health and The Fenway Institute are packing their bags and heading off to AIDS 2012: Turning the Tide Together, the 19th International AIDS Conference, which takes place July 22–27 in Washington, DC. Fenway’s Dr. Kenneth H. Mayer sits on the Governing Council of the International AIDS Society, which sponsors the conference, and is a member of the Track Committee on Epidemiology and Prevention Science. The Executive Committee of The Fenway Institute The International AIDS Conference is the premier gathering for those working in the field of HIV, as well as policy makers, persons living with HIV and 
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Policy Focus: PrEP Could Be A “Game Changer” in Fight Against HIV

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Analysis examines biomedical prevention technology to be reviewed by U.S. Food and Drug Administration by June 15, 2012 Pre-exposure chemoprophylaxis (PrEP)—taking antiretroviral medications to prevent HIV transmission—could be a “game changer” for HIV prevention. PrEP has demonstrated partial efficacy with men who have sex with men (MSM), transgender women, and heterosexuals in several recent studies. Recent modeling of PrEP implementation coupled with scaled up treatment predicts that PrEP could significantly reduce HIV incidence and prevalence. And if PrEP is accompanied by sustained care, behavioral interventions, and safety monitoring, PrEP need not lead to increased sexual risk behavior or drug resistance. 
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Policy Focus: How to Gather Data On Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity In Clinical Settings

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Yesterday, we shared the first of a new series of policy briefs from The Fenway Institute, Why gather data on sexual orientation and gender identity in clinical settings. The second, How to Gather Data On Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Clinical Settings provides guidance on how to ask questions on patient registration forms and how clinicians can ask questions during medical visits. The briefs were authored by Sean Cahill, Director of Health Policy Research, along with Judith Bradford, Co-chair and Director of the Center for Population Research in LGBT Health; Chris Grasso, Data Manager; and Harvey Makadon, Director of 
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