World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day 2012: HIV/AIDS and Youth

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In advance of World AIDS Day, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released a new Vital Signs report on HIV among young Americans. This analysis of the latest data on HIV infections, testing, and risk behaviors among young people serves as a stark reminder that over three decades since it’s onset, HIV/AIDS continues to impact our communities. Young people ages 13–24 account for more than a quarter of all new HIV infections each year. Among those most affected are young gay and bisexual men, who in 2010 represented more than 72% of new infections in this age 
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World AIDS Day Infographic: PrEP for MSM

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Click above to view full-size or download as a PDF (4mb) Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is one of the most promising advances in HIV prevention in recent years. In honor of World AIDS Day, we’ve created this infographic detailing some facts and figures about PrEP. As we’ve covered on this blog, there are many sides to the conversation about PrEP—especially regarding its approval for use in men who have sex with men. We hope this infographic will act as an introduction to the topic and springboard to further discussion—about PrEP and other advances in HIV AIDS. Please feel free to share 
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The AIDS Generation

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30 Years into the AIDS Epidemic, I’m taking a moment to remember how things have changed. I’m a member of Generation X. I always thought that was kind of cool sounding, but like the Baby Boomers before me, and the Generation Ys and Zs that follow, we carry distinct yet overlapping burdens. I went to art school. It was what we did. We wore Converse All-Stars, rode skateboards, and then got scholarships to go be the next great American painter, writer, musician etc. It was the height of Post Modernism, so there was plenty of pretense around. What was also 
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30 Years of Facing AIDS

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In honor of World AIDS Day on December 1, 2011, AIDS.gov asked people how they’re facing AIDS. As the largest outpatient HIV care provider in New England, Fenway Health’s staff face AIDS in a variety of ways. Our staff posed for photos to share how they are facing AIDS through their work at Fenway and personal lives. [slickr-flickr use_key=”y” search=”sets” set=”72157628111492117″ captions=”on” flickr_link=”off” descriptions=”off” size=”medium”] As an organization, Fenway Health has been facing AIDS since the very beginning of the epidemic. In 1980, our own Dr. Kenneth Mayer volunteered his time to begin the Center’s earliest infectious disease research. In 
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